Photography by Kelvin Hudson & Rolph Gobits
Courtesy of Lensmodern


Where we have leaped

We design websites, we create brands and we build advertising campaigns,

all begining with a Leap

Who we leap with

Barry Brand

 Founder of Leap Collective

Jane Birkin

Founder of Make it Yellow

Mark Shayler

Founder of thesisape

Simon White

Founder of Formation London

David Salamons

Partner at Cubism Law

What inspires us to leap

The Do Lectures

Creative Social

Photography by Rolph Gobits
Courtesy of Lensmodern

The world is changing at an incredible rate.

Today we have big-data, self driving vehicles, artificial intelligence and machine learning, to name just a few things that are impacting the future and whilst there are huge benefits to all of this technology, it has to be said that the more we reduce the need for human beings in places of work the more we reduce the amount of meaningful interaction we have with each other, the more our products, brands and services become devoid of any humanity what so ever.

That's why at Leap we are dedicated to helping business's understand how they can become more human and how by becoming more human as a business you can not only increase your productivity but ultimately increase your 

bottom line.


If you’re ready to take a leap and explore how

a very deep but different look at your what you are doing can transform your business, we'd love to hear from you.

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