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Having spent over 20+ years’ as an advertising creative in many agencies, in many parts of the world, I became fascinated by the processes employed by both agencies and clients when it comes to the matter of creativity.


Observing how often the energy in a room can decide the fate of a sometimes brilliant idea and how easy it is for one person's negativity to kill the bright ideas of a group of positive people.

It led me on a journey of discovery around the psychology of innovation and creativity and an exploration of the kind of culture and behavior required when a company really wants to lead the change in today's world.

Interestingly in a time when technology is reducing how many humans we need to run our business's, the single most important factor that drives change and innovation is how human our business actually is.


It is this that has been the focus of my work for the last few years.


The result has led to amazing collaboration with like-minded people and a process that is unconventional, sometimes uncomfortable but one that never ceases to create incredible results and make way for ideas that will actually effect change in your business.


If you are curious and interested as to how we might work together, I'd love to hear from you.

Barry Brand - Founder of The Leap Collective
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