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It’s funny when you’ve worked in advertising for over 25 years in many different parts of the world and you get asked to oversee a brief that has exactly the same structure as when you started in the business and the deliverables still major on outdoor, print and TV. You can’t help thinking it’s no wonder the industry is in a state of flux.


So yes the industry is in flux, some might say even broken and the news is awash with stories talking about how the agency model is failing, but generally fail to offer some meaningful input as to what to do about it or where things are going wrong.


I am sure many agencies are debating this very problem as we speak and it's this kind of debate that has led to the workshop we are offering today.


We have debated long and hard over the successful model for the future of ad agencies and identified some key areas where we think things can be addressed. 

Over the top of that we also bring some thinking from our relevant backgrounds that allows us to disrupt the conventional approach to this problem.


The workshop is run by:


Barry Brand 

A long term Saatchi creative director and who has specialised in emerging markets 

and over the last 4 years has focused on innovating the creative process, disrupting the mindset of the making and selling of creative work and looked at how agencies can take their strategic and creative thinking beyond the marketing brief and into different parts of a client’s business.

Of course many people are doing this, but Barry’s long term commitment to the study of what makes people tick and how to hack the thinking that holds you back, coupled with his east end street wise approach makes for an experience that is guaranteed to shake you out of your comfort zone and into some truly original thinking.



Georgi Gavazov 

Georgi’s spent the last 9 years building the Saatchi office in Sofia, Bulgaria into one of the shining lights in the Saatchi network, winning agency of the year last year and ranking No.35 in Europe's WARC efficiency index.

Georgi is a vocal and passionate advocate of the advertising industry’s urgent need of self-disruption and transformation. The focus of his current work is the introduction of new thinking, tools and workflow that move advertising agencies into the field of business-driven creative solutions. His personal story (being born and raised in a world without brands and advertising, then living through the Eastern Block’s transformational years) has helped him develop his specific approach of embracing disruption and welcoming dramatic changes.


Together they have created a workshop that will challenge CEO’s and creatives

alike to re-think and disrupt their approach and the practical tools that will sustain

such change.


You will learn what brain hacking is and how it can inspire completely fresh thinking and help to change your approach to your business on a much deeper level. 

You will also learn new tools and workflow that will make your creative output far more valuable to your client’s business.


So If you are a creative agency and you have begun to wonder just where the industry is heading and will you survive, we'd love to hear from you because we truly believe we have put together a workshop that will challenge your current way of thinking and inspire the kind of change needed for future success.

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